Mobile App Minutes of Use by Category

This is just a sample of the key stats, metrics, and insights that can be generated through GWS Magnify.

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GWS Magnify leverages consumer insights and performance metrics collected from smartphones to offer businesses critical data on consumer behavior and market trends. Through its nationwide panel of mobile consumers, Magnify provides in-depth analysis of app usage, network performance, and user engagement across various demographics and locations. This data is vital for companies looking to understand consumer preferences and behaviors, enabling them to make informed decisions, predict trends, and tailor products and services effectively to meet market demands. Magnify’s continuous and comprehensive data collection offers a significant competitive advantage in a data-driven marketplace.


Measure key app performance metrics across networks that deliver consumer services


Monitor usage statistics and characteristics of services /apps – including volume of users, frequency of use, time spent on services, daily, weekly, monthly etc. by geography


Gain competitive insights versus key competitors across performance and usage variables; determine a realistic understanding of market share


Understand user satisfaction, willingness to recommend, reasons for using your service or for switching to your competitor’s service

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